Each week, I look forward to my pole classes. I am excited to learn something new and take something home to practice. It’s definitely an activity you cannot get sick of! There are a lot of things that comes with being in a pole class: strength, flexibility, positivity, and BRUISES!

​When it comes to building strength, it takes a lot of determination! However, it is the first change that I noticed in myself after going to a couple classes. My first time going, I have to admit I was pretty weak. After a while, I could lift myself about halfway up the pole, then fully up the pole, and now I can do multiple pull ups on the pole. That is so impressive to me! I used to hate carrying cases of water bottles after grocery shopping. Now it’s a breeze and I can stack items on top of the case to take one trip!

​When it comes to flexibility, that is something I still need help in. I am not a bendy person. I believe that my body is not made to bend at all, but I keep working stretching and warm-ups so that the flexibility comes with practice, time, and patience.

I would love to do the moves that I was shown already. That to me seems impossible due to leg placement or even just straightening my leg to make the move look ‘pretty’. Since I have to work on this part A LOT, joining the Elite membership gave me access to all of the workout classes, instead of “just” my pole classes. This way, I have even more help in teaching my body the art of flexing!

​When it comes to positivity, it’s easy when you’re in Aerial Dance! Literally everyone there is supporting you, cheering for you, and helping you learn all of the things! It’s such an uplifting place to be. Even if you don’t get the move you’re working on right away, everyone offers tips and advice on what you can practice in order to get better, and once you get it, they are all SO HAPPY for you. I am not a naturally cheerful person, but like I said, it’s easy to stay in the positive mindset when everyone is so great!

​Lastly, BRUISES! Or, like the everyone in Aerial Dance likes to call them, POLE KISSES! They are like little trophies you get to bring home after each class. Every time there is a new one, I have to show it off!

Try Intro to Pole or Intro to Aerial today and come chat about which membership will work best for you!