If you happened to watch the superbowl, you may have seen this Advil commercial….

That is right! Pole was featured in an Advil commercial!!!!!  I was at a superbowl party why it came on and I started cheering and many in the room looked at me like I was nuts. (Some didn’t know what I did so they were REALLY confused). The whole first half of the game all I could think about was how cool that commercial was to feature pole! This is the first time that I’ve ever seen Pole Exercise featured in a primetime slot next to a ton of other sports. This is a really exciting thing for the industry! Thanks Advil! And every pole dancer got a chuckle out of the “what sore shoulders” in relation to the iron x-walk overs….
But there is one thing I need to point out about this awesome breakthrough. To make pole “safe” for primetime, Advil went with a clothed male pole dancer. I totally get why. There is no way you’re going to turn that into “stripping pole”. So it was the safe choice. But I can’t help but wonder when will women be able to proudly show off their pole skills without any negative association? What will it take to get the public to appreciate the sport as it stands now and not associate with other uses of the apparatus?
One big step forward with the commercial. Hopefully someday women can be featured too!