Tonight from 6-8pm at Appleton Beer Factory is the fundraiser for Laura. And I’m asking each and every one of you to take a little time to stop in.
Why? Because we may be a fitness studio, we may be a circus school, but we are a community. We say all the time that once you’re one of our girls, you always are and we mean it. Laura was a student and an instructor in training before she made the life change of moving out of state. She had only moved back to the area a few days when the car accident happened. She wasn’t a current student, but that doesn’t make her any less “ours”. She is part of the community and needs us which is why I’m asking everyone to come. So if you are part of our community but you didn’t know Laura, COME because a community is only strong when we support each other.
When the accident happened, I got a hysterical call from Instructor Kim. Through the crying I heard that Laura was in an accident and it was really bad. I knew it had to be REALLY bad because Kim doesn’t get emotional, not like that. I rushed to the studio to sub for Kim so she could get to the hospital. When I walked in, Kim was teaching a Hammock Fit class, she was smiling and laughing and I thought “my god, how. One of her closest friends may die tonight and here she is making sure our students have a great time.” And that is why you need to come tonight. Your instructors don’t bring their issues into your classes, they smile through whatever they have going on in their lives to make sure YOU have a positive experience. And all of your instructors are coming tonight because they care about Laura and they want to help her. So if you appreciate the instructors at Aerial Dance, COME tonight because they are asking you to be there.
Laura is a fighter. Her recovery is nothing short of a miracle. But she isn’t “all better” in that she still has a long way to go. She was in a coma for a long time. During the whole time her family wasn’t releasing a lot of details about what was going on, so out of respect for that I’ll just say it was super bad. There were many times we didn’t know if she would make it. We held off doing a fundraiser right after it happened because we honestly didn’t know if it would be fundraiser for medical bills or funeral expenses. Then she woke up and started her long road to get back. We wanted to wait to do the fundraiser event until she could know it was happening and feel the love. For the last few months she’s been in a 24 hour rehab center. The medical bills must be insane. But I’ve been told she’s walking! And every time I get a text from her it makes me really happy. And even cooler, she is going to try to come to some part of the event. So if you want to see Laura and tell her she’s amazing, COME because she will be there for a short period tonight.
We put on a lot of free events for our membership. We try really hard to make Aerial Dance a lot more than a fitness studio and that means doing things like Book Club, Self Care Sundays, Parties (like the upcoming “Greatest Showman”) and photoshoots that are all FREE to our members. We also dramatically subsidize the Christmas Show so ticket prices can stay low so all your family and friends feel comfortable coming. This event may seem like just another “member” event but it isn’t. We have made the event “beneficial” to our members by having an awesome photographer on site to take your pictures. We have gotten tons of cool silent auction items that you’ll find useful. We have flatbread pizzas as part of the $10 entrance cost because we like food. We’ve added a lot of little touches to make it a fun “member event” but it is so much more than that. So I’m asking you to COME. Please come tonight and help us raise money for one of ours. Please come to support the community that supports you.