Pole is so exciting. You see this amazing move on Instagram and you just can’t wait to try it! The problem is that in order to do pole safely you need to have a progression that gets you ready for whatever the move-du-jour is. And that is where your instructor comes in!
At Aerial Dance we have an invert order that we teach all our women. Why? Because it will mean you get the moves and are SAFE. We can take for granted how dangerous pole is. We can forget. There are examples in the pole community where girls fell out a hooked layback and a bat, both 6 inch or less “falls”, and the girls were seriously injured. At Aerial Dance we combat the possibility of this with progression, pedantic progression.
Why do we have you do everything three times a side on three different days before you’re cleared? So your body has the opportunity to gain some muscle memory, absolutely! But it is also so you are trying the new move on days that have different body chemistry, pole stick, humidity and headspace because all of these things do change and make a move feel different. We want to know with confidence that you can execute the move under different circumstances before we tell you to go forth and do it alone!
Our progression takes into account how the body will need to recover from advanced moves in the future. There are a few inverts that we don’t rush clearing you on because those are the tricks that will eventually be your “safe moves” when something goes crazy you’re trying to recover and not fall. Right now an outside leg hang may be the cool new thing you’re rushing to get cleared on but in the future it may be that leg hook that literally saves your neck. So trust your instructors. We want nothing more than to share your joy when you get a new move, but we want to also make sure that when you practice without us standing next to you we are confident you’ll execute safely.
Yes, it’s cool to do new tricks. But know what’s cooler? Not getting hurt AND getting to do new tricks!