Have you ever been happy and having a great day and then suddenly you start to think of something negative?  Within 5 minutes of feeling that great moment, you now start to feel like your world is spinning out of control and you are ready to crash and burn.  This is a reality we all face.  This is something we all do.  Why does this happen?  It happens because we are feeding our mind with negative thoughts.  Our minds are so powerful.  Regardless if it’s the truth or not, what we tell our self is our reality.

Yes, our mind is powerful however we are in control of what we feed it.  Take control of your thoughts and what you feed your mind.  Things I do to prevent negative thoughts.  I have a trigger, whenever I go through a doorway, I give myself 3 positive thoughts.  I am always going through doorways, so I am constantly feeding my mind with positive thoughts.

If I find myself starting to think negative thoughts, I immediately make myself think 2 positive thoughts for every negative thought.  I will even say the words outload because it’s more powerful to say and hear them at the same time.

When I have free time during my drivetime, rather than stinking thinking, I will listen to self-help books or self-help podcasts.  This keeps my mind busy and I can feel productive.  When your mind is busy and focusing on the positive, it can’t run away into a negative downward cycle. 

These tips and tricks are helpful to me.  I challenge you to try at least one of them.  Remember what you feed your mind, is what you believe, so feed it positive thoughts.  Be kind to yourself because you are more amazing then what you think.