With all the holidays coming up I think it’s important to say, AERIAL DANCE IS OPEN! We close Christmas Day, and that’s it. We have classes Thanksgiving morning. We have classes Christmas Eve morning. We have classes New Years Eve eve morning and New Year Eve Day with our annual “Happy New Rear Twerkshop” among other classes.

So why do we have classes on holidays? Because that is when our members are off of work so it seems weird not to give them the option to come in and work out! When I was a member at gyms it annoyed me that they’d close when I was free so I endeavor to not have that same availability at my company.

Am I slave driver and make my staff work on holidays? No! All of my instructors are hourly so they get paid when they work. For many of them the holidays screw up their finances as we run less classes so they often WANT the income that comes from working. Before I make the schedule, all my staff put in sheets that say when they want to work and what they want to teach. All holidays are listed and instructors mark down that they want to teach, and if someone wants to work, then we run classes. If no one wanted to work, well, then we wouldn’t have classes. Thankfully with 15+ instructors two always want to work on a holiday, especially when they get to pick the hours and classes.

So as you make your holiday plans, know we’ll be here to help you keep your fitness lifestyle. We also try to choose classes on holidays that you can bring family visiting from out of town in with you, so bring them 🙂

I’m personally very excited to be teaching Thanksgiving morning and doing a very sweaty Dance Cardio followed by a restorative Bendy Babe before sitting on the couch and eating all the things. Sounds like a perfect start to holiday!!!!