The new year has always been a time for me to get back into my health routine and try to lose weight for the upcoming year, but this year has been different.  Normally, I am extremely out of shape and have gained weight from the previous year when I try to pick up my new years resolution to get back into the health game.  This year, however, my new year’s resolution is to continue getting stronger and learn new moves that I did not think I would ever be able to do previously!

I am so excited to be able to go to class and see the progress in my ability and the tone in my body as well.  I feel so muscular compared to how I was just a few months back even!  I love being able to transform more than just my body, but my mind as well!  I am so much more relaxed and able to take time to focus on myself for a change instead of the million other worries I have throughout my day to day life. 

The atmosphere is very laid back and everyone could not be nicer, we all support each other which is super great and makes you feel super welcome! I love that it is a place where I look forward to coming to every class and I never feel like it is work to have to go, where I used to always dread going to the gym.  I feel supported and welcome and never like it is a place where I would ever be judged or looked at differently.  We are all about congratulating others as they achieve their goals, as well as celebrating our own achievements along the way.  It is a place I can truly say feels like home to me, and I could not be more thrilled to see where this new journey will take me. 

There is never a dull moment here and we are constantly learning new routines.  The music choice is phenomenal and super upbeat.  It makes you motivated and excited to express yourself through the art of dance itself.  This doesn’t just feel like my normal new years resolution that I will get sick of in a week and that will fade out after time, but instead seems like an investment in myself and getting my health back on track! Thank you for bringing the real me back! 

Start your journey and celebrate what your body can do!
Try Intro to Pole or Intro to Aerial to kick start your new year!