I have battled with my mental health for years, there have been some pretty low moments in that time but within these past two years I have been really diligent about staying on top of it all and making sure that I see any signs of my mental health slipping again.

In the past year I also found the love of my life, and while he has a lot to do with my continued happiness there have also been days where nothing he says or does makes me want to do anything but lay in bed.  

People always want to give you advice, like “oh just get up and take a shower and you will feel better”.  Or telling me that if I just exercise and eat healthy, I will be fine.  Well, I’m the type of person that will hear that and instantly rebel against what they say.  They don’t know what I have been through or how my body feels.  It’s not easy to get out of a mental funk like that. I know that I should get out of bed and I may want to but I just simply can’t get myself to do it.  

After finding an activity that I love to do I have had far less bad days than I have in previous years. Going to my various classes at the studio always puts me in a good mood. There have been times where I had a really rough day and didn’t really want to go to a class, but I drove my butt there and was always glad that I went through with it.  All of the classes are the right balance of fun and challenging that I need to stay motivated.

I don’t perfect or even achieve every move each class presents, but I try my best and am always encouraged and supported by the instructors and other students in the class.  I have never left the studio in a bad mental place, and for someone like me that means a huge deal.  There have been other activities that I tried and when I finished, I just wished that I had canceled the class and stayed home instead.  They may have been a good workout, but they didn’t do anything to help me be in a better mood.

Going to the classes offered at Aerial Dance are more like going to a specialized playground than going to a gym.  I genuinely enjoy every class and all of the relationships that I am forming with the other women there.

Come play at Aerial Dance! Try Intro to Pole or Intro to Aerial to get started!