This is the Greatest Show!

(Actually the greatest show is the Christmas Show!!!!! <3)
Last weekend Aerial Dance hosted Member Play Day! Aerial Dance is always a great way to have some time with the girls, but classes are not always the best way to connect with some of your pole/aerial sisters. The instructors at Aerial Dance realize this, and create opportunities to just come and enjoy each others company. This years Member Play Day, was a movie party! Ladies came in whatever was comfortable for them! Some were in jammies, pole wear, comfy pants and a sweatshirt, and If you were me, I wore jeans. There was even an abundance of pillows and blankets to snuggle up in!
The movie selected for this play day The Greatest Showman. If you still have not seen this movie you are missing out! It is a magnificent movie! This movie is about a man who is born into society as someone in a lower station. He has big dreams to become so much more than societies standards and he does just that! The music and choreography in this movie is breath taking. Plus Zac Efron is in this movie! 😉
To kick off the Member Play Day, the amazing Instructor Olivia simplified some of the song choreography so we could dance along to the movie! We were all able to pick up on the dances in a very short time. This is saying a lot coming form me as I am not  dancer. So if I was able to do it, you could have too!
We danced to two of the songs in the movie, This is the Greatest Show and From Now on. I have included links to the Aerial Dance’s Facebook page for you to watch how much fun we had!
Greatest Show Dance
From Now On Dance

Self Care Time

So what really is Member Play Day? Well, it is taking time out of your busy life to connect with other women in Aerial Dance’s judgement/safe environment. It is a day to forget the hustle and bustle that is Christmas Show season and have a blast. Last year’s Member Play Day was a Halloween Costume Party. We danced, sang, and actually had time to talk with one another.
This year, while learning the dances to The Greatest Showman, my stomach actually hurt from laughing and my cheeks were soar from smiling. That is how much fun, silliness, and carefree I was during member play day! It was so nice to be able just spend time with friends I haven’t seen in over a month! We are all adults and life always seems to get in the way. On Member Play Day, I was able to connect with students I had never met before and here their story of coming to Aerial Dance. It always warms my heart to hear how Aerial Dance is impacting the lives of some many beautiful women!  In my opinion, spending an afternoon in a room full of women who are as passionate about the aerial arts as you are is one of the best feelings!
It is truly a blessing to belong to a studio that cares about its member beyond regular classes. Aerial Dance’s goal is to help you grow as whole person, not just physically or mentally. For me, Member Play Day, was a great day to just be in the moment. Forget about the three graduate classes I am taking and enjoy one of my favorite movies and my aerial sisters. I didn’t have to worry about what I should have been doing. It was just so relaxing and fun! If you have yet to take advantage of one of Aerial Dance’s free member activities, the next one is a must!
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