Are You Ready for Your Photo Op?

We are less than one week away from the Aerial Dance Member Appreciation Photoshoot! There have been whispers throughout the studio of excitement and also whispers of fear. I am not photogenic! I look too awkward in photos! What would I even wear or I don’t have anything to wear! These are some of the statements I have been hearing. The worst statement of fear I have heard in the past few days is,”No one wants to see this in photo.” as they gesture towards their body.
My brain shot into over drive. What on earth had made this beautiful woman say that no one wants to see her! Maybe it was the dimples on her thighs, or the extra few pounds around her waist, but that’s not what I saw. What I saw was the grace in the way she pointed her toes and the way her face looked. The look was a look of pride while doing what she loved…dancing…without fear of judgement.  She couldn’t see how much she had grown as a person in confidence and trusting her own body since starting her aerial journey.
My words are not speaking of one specific woman from the studio, but the many who are still hiding for the fear judgement of their bodies. Ladies please know that this photoshoot is not about being perfect. It is about your documenting your journey. Seeing how far you have come. It is about making you feel beautiful in your own skin. When you see your pictures, you may see all of your flaws, but to others, they see strength beyond compare. They do not see the extra few pounds, the dimples, or any other flaw you have found. They see pure joy that shines through your face when you successfully complete your favorite pole move.

Worried About What to Wear and How to Pose?

This is another beautiful side of the appreciation photoshoot. You wear whatever makes you feel beautiful! Whether that is a dress, scrunch butt shorts/sports bra, a costume you have picked out, or whatever else your heart desires! In previous photoshoots, students have dressed in Halloween costumes right down to the face paint. If what you are going to wear is not an issue, maybe it is a fear of going in alone. Many of the members have danced in Christmas show and have done doubles tricks before. It could be possible that you share a doubles move to build enough confidence to take picture on your own. After all, all the woman at Aerial Dance are there to support one another.
As far as poses go, if you don’t have a few that you absolutely love, you can always ask an instructor for advice! Intermediate and even some beginner poses are a great place to start. You don’t need to be an advanced student to take incredible photos! All of the instructors see the beauty in simpler poses with their elegant lines.
If you are on the fence about the photoshoot, I would like you to think about what is the worst that could happen? You could end up with some amazing photos of you or you could end up with some photos that make you chuckle. Whether you love your pictures or not, you may regret not taking advantage of this amazing opportunity. After all,  we have the most beautiful back drop of Lake Winnebago! The photoshoot will be next Monday, August 20, from 5 to 7PM! I hope to see you there!!!!!!!

Our bodies are not perfect, we are not models, but we can share the beauty that is inside us with the world. Choose to share your beauty. You never know who’s life you may impact.

Until Next Time,