Our instructors have been teaching from home now for 28 days! It seems like a year has gone by since then. Here are some things I have learned:

Get Creative With Equipment

When all of this began I quickly took note of all the things I could use in my house to work out, but that doesn’t mean everyone has these same items. Personally, I have weights, resistance bands, jump ropes, sand bags, stairs, yoga mats, yoga blocks, lots of stuff. Does that mean that I can teach with those things that I am usually blessed with as equipment at the studio? NO! I didn’t even have a pole up until one was temporarily donated to me! So what do we use? Towels, magazines, backpacks, books, gallons of water, flour bags, pets (lol), soup cans, anything that we can use to GET THE JOB DONE!

Set up your “studio

This is YOUR space to work out, and set up a computer or phone in order to do so. What do you want it to look like? We need chargers so we don’t lose connection, we need any or no equipment, we may want a certain choice of clothing. Personally, I am doing all of those, I have all of the equipment and chargers, and clothing ready to go to teach on video for 4 (ish) hours with no interruptions. I have gone through multiple days of moving furniture around and finding lighting to make it work!

Remember that this is temporary

When everything is said and done we have all done the best we can with what we have! And we have done a GREAT job each and every one of us has risen to the occasion. When I put my furniture back together and give back my donated pole, I will be so happy to see my students in the beautiful studios we have created to share joy, and laughter, sweat, and tears.