I love books. I love reading. I love learning. Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of books on fitness, health and wellness. They have been on shelves at the Appleton studio and members have asked from time to time if they could borrow one. We had a loose sign-out sheet and it was working….until last week when I realized that most members didn’t know they could borrow books. So I created a more formal “lending library” at Aerial Dance Appleton.

Located in the Dance Studio, you’ll see the top two shelves covered in books. Topics are body health, physical fitness, injury prevention, mental health, self discovery, and self development topics. Find a book that interests you. Then take the binder off the shelf and turn to that book’s “page” in the binder. Write your name and the date you are borrowing the book. Take it home. Read it. Learn! Then bring it back. Re-open the binder to the same page and write the return date. That’s how our lending library works!

Be kind to your fellow members and only take one book at a time. And try to return the book in a reasonable amount of time…like a month. If you’re not sure what book to read or have a question about a book, ask me. I’ve ready 95% of the books on the shelves and those that I haven’t read, I did buy for a reason so I’m happy to tell you my thoughts or offer guidance.

The library will expand as my book buying addiction is very real. Some of the book club books will be on the shelves. For example, the upcoming month’s book “How to Be An Adult In A Relationship” is on the shelf right now as I purchased two copies. Often books that were in the book club, like last month’s “Your Body Is Not An Apology” make it to the shelf after the club date if I only purchased one copy and didn’t mark it up too much.

My most favorite books won’t make it to the shelves of the lending library because I simply love them too much to part with them in my personal collection. Thankfully I am channeling Marie Kondo and not hoarding all the things any more so there are already 60+ books available. As a voracious reader I’m always happy to share with you my “must reads” and discuss all things book!