I began my journey at Aerial Dance two years ago. I take a couple months off each year when life gets too busy, and I still always find myself LONGING to walk back through those doors, absolutely craving the energy and the achy muscles again. There’s something addictive about the energy of this place. Whenever I see someone online post about wanting a place to provide a sense of belonging, wanting a good place to exercise, a good place to dance, a good spot to workout that doesn’t feel like working out, I think of and always recommend Aerial Dance.

Founder Paula has created such a safe space for women from so many different walks of life. I don’t think there’s a single woman who couldn’t benefit in some way from a membership at Aerial Dance. Here I was thinking these blogs were going to be hard to write, but then I realized I’ve been writing them in little fragments for the last two years. I’ve been speaking them out loud after a boring gym session with a friend who doesn’t attend Aerial Dance. I’ve been typing them when I wanted to encourage a mom who needed a sense of purpose and belonging who hated her body. I’ve posted them through video showcasing what my body has learned. Sure, sitting down to gather these thoughts while I work full time and am a stay at home mom to a toddler seemed daunting, but when you host as much passion as I do for this place- it’s not hard. These words came with such ease. And I’ll continue to share my experiences about Aerial Dance with strangers on the internet, or my friends who haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet, or the people in my life who say “I could never do that” or “I’m too weak”. And I will always share these experiences with a happy and grateful heart because I have gained so much. I cannot wait to see how far this place will continue to take me.

So thank you for allowing me and other women to find footing financially and being graceful enough to let us share our experiences in exchange for this scholarship. Aerial Dance has changed me and I’m so happy it has. Even on the days I have to drive home with no music on, contemplating my life choices and frustrated with my body, I am happy that I walked through and get to continue to walk through those doors. I am grateful that I get to keep going, and continue my growth. Thank you so much.

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