It’s almost time!
Janelle hit it right on the nose with her post, go check it out! I’ve got some more pieces of advice for you this show eve 🙂
Pack your show bag now. Seriously, when you wake up and you are all set to walk out the door, you’ll thank yourself. I wrote a post last year about this if you need some suggestions. The one thing I would add that I did not have was a mirror. Paula has said it over and over–not a lot of reflective space behind the stage, so bring a mirror and be prepared to share it! If you’re not sure if you should bring something—just bring it. If you don’t use it, someone else might need it. We can help each other out 🙂 .
Bring food and water.  If you’re a nervous eater like me, then this might be a good idea. Not a whole lot of food, because you don’t want to get ill when you are spinning. Aim for food that gives you long-term energy, like protein. Something sugary can give you that last bit of energy right before you perform. Also, clearly you want to be hydrated for this.
It’s cold. Tanner’s is absolutely great and I’m super glad we have the show there. I will just warn you that backstage can get chilly. bring some warm comfy clothes to lounge in and a small blanket. The blanket can stake out your corner and leave you an area where you can keep your bare feet clean. It is also nice to wrap up in them when you’re cold but don’t want to ruin your hair with your sweatshirt 🙂 .
Be positive. If you stay positive, it not only helps you but all the ladies around you. Let’s motivate and support one another! 😀
Watch and enjoy. I do love performing, but  the best part to me is watching your fellow ladies dance and cheering them on! Don’t forget to whoop and clap–it helps!
When in doubt, SMILE. Even if you are nervous, there is something about smiling that can help you feel better. Try it, I dare you.
Don’t freak out about your “after-party” outfit. I’m not freaking, but some people might, so l want to address it. Some put a lot of effort into their get-up, and power to them. Just know that you don’t have to be all gussied up if you don’t want to. You just worked your butt off, and if you want to hang out in your sweats, you go right on ahead. You’re a star, and you can do that  😉 . Besides, if you load up on the grip, good luck getting real pants on. Seriously. I learned this the hard way and I want to save you the learning here… looser pants or a dress/skirt are best options if you’re a super-gripped person.
Thank. Thank the instructor that choreographed or helped. Thank your dance partners for their dedication to the routine. It’s also very important that you find Paula tomorrow and thank her for organizing this show :).
It’s going to be a great day! I can’t wait to see everyone’s routines! Good luck ladies!