When I started with Aerial Dance, I expected it to be a “once-a-week” thing. It was just going to be a class that I attended, just another way to get in shape. You might be thinking the same thing.
Except you’re probably wrong–in the best possible way.
It’s pole, for me, that gets into my everyday life. I’ll hear a song on the radio and think, “I should make a routine to this,” or “This would be great to free-dance to.”  If I encounter a metal pole in my environment, I assess it to see if I could dance on it. When I have a bad day, I can’t stop thinking about letting it all loose on the pole. I make every effort to get to the studio and to cross-train, so I can get better.

This is totally cross-training... and it's a blast!

This is totally cross-training… and it’s a blast!

For the record, it’s normal. At least, I think it is—I know quite a few ladies at the studio who go through the same thing! If it’s crazy, we’re crazy together. 🙂
I can’t imagine a better obsession to have! Pole is a fitness activity that builds strength and flexibility. It’s an empowering sport that, especially with Aerial Dance instructors, empowers you to believe in what your body is capable of. You build confidence in your abilities and a healthy dose of fearlessness. After all, you ARE hanging and spinning on a metal pole, perhaps by only one limb!
I’m not trying to scare you. Rather, I’m trying to excite you! When you try pole (or any aerial sport!), you’re entering a new, fun, and fascinating world. If you’re not already dancing, spinning, or flipping with us, please come! 🙂