This past weekend was the 10th annual show. And it was EPIC. Our women are so talented. My instructors were mindblowing. Our students were amazing. It was just such a cool show. And it took an incredible amount of work and many people behind the scenes to make it happen…

First, of course, is my instructors. They get paid when they teach a student routine. But they do not get paid: to be at extra rehearsals; to answer student questions; to video the routine or write it up; to attend dress rehearsal. All of those little time commitments they do because they want our students to have success. They also do not get paid to be in the show as a performer. Not for ALL the time rehearsing as a group for our staff routines. Not for ALL the time writing and perfecting their own solo routines. The Annual show is a HUGE time commitment for the Instructors that they do because they choose to, not because they are paid. The show wouldn’t happen without them and all the time they donate to creating it.

Second, our sponsors. The Show costs close to $20,000 to put on. I’m sharing that number (even though it makes me super uncomfortable to do so but my job with a blog is to educate, so sharing it is) because I think the average student thinks it is a lot lower and the company makes money on ticket sales. Nope. The show income covers the show costs – ish. For years it was a huge loss for the company that I saved months for to be able to put on. Thankfully we now, mainly, cover the show costs. And part of that is with sponsors. These are local businesses that advertise in our program. Without them we wouldn’t cover costs and there would come a time where the show needed to end. So when I said at the show to look at your program and CHOOSE to go to those businesses, I mean it. They deserve your patronage because they help make the show happen.

Businesses to patronize include:
AMEC Home Loans with Will Flinchum; Simple Simon Bakery; Health Matters Muscular Therapy; Epiphany Law; TC Dance; Countryside Veterinarians; The Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley; Allegiant Insurance; Nakashima; V’s Skin Studio; The Shop Bar & Grille; Debbie Daanen Photography; The Sequined Gem; Kramm Mechanical; Forward Equine; The Salt Room; Life’s Journey Wellness; Sweet Cheese Loft; Elegance & Art; Brennan Hussey PT.

Third, our supporting partners. These business help us put on the show. They make specific aspects of the show happen and without them we simply couldn’t:

  • Tanners Grill & Bar has been our venue for five years and they are so good to us. They do an exemplary job at taking care of our people. They work with us on seating and food so it runs smoothly and our audience has a great time.
  • Jeff Larson & Mitch Harrison, who I know from my work with Vic Ferrari, rent us the stage. We couldn’t do the show without it. And it is a big ask because we have to screw the poles into their stage. This sucks for them, but every year they let us do it. THANKS!!!!!
  • Nature’s Pathways Magazine prints our tickets, posters and programs. The programs are gorgeous and bring the show to the next level. They are so supportive of Aerial Dance and the message we bring.

Fourth all the people who help! When I say it takes a village, I mean it. It takes multiple car loads of stuff to get everything we need at Tanners. That means people (this year Chrissy & Olivia) to pack it up at the studio. Stuff is stored in my parents garage too, so my dad loads a car. Then after the show when we tear down every instructor and many of their partners have a role to clean up our stuff quickly. All of this is by their choice to help. And the show couldn’t happen without all the help. In many years past the set-up and take down was massive with stage poles and aerial rigs. Recently this has been less extensive with the addition of a production company and rigging. However, this year we had a reversion to the past and needed to provide people to the production company to assist in set-up/tear down because they had a booking conflict and were short staffed. Three weeks before the show I was notified I needed to provide people; I went to my team and our men stepped up. We had five different guys for set-up and another 5 for tear down who all volunteered so we could keep our show date and the production budget set even with the curveball. It’s all those little unexpecteds issues that arise that make the show very stressful to organize and me so very grateful for our community.

Our extra special helpers this year include:
Arnie (Kelly’s husband); Dan W (Chrissy’s partner); Brandon (Alyssa’s partner); Sean (Olivia’s partner); Scott (Sara’s partner); Paul Brusky (my dad); Dan S (Lynn’s husband); Trey (Leah’s husband); Chris (Brittyni’s partner); Zak (Amber’s husband); Haas & Rob (Leah’s friends).

This Saturday was a huge success because of all the people who believe in the show and support it with their time and money. I often wonder if people have a clue how much work and time went into it on the backend so I thought I’d share a small piece of why I’m so grateful for our community in this blog. If you see anyone involved in the backend, take a second and thank them. They are the unsung heroes of the show and deserve your applause too.

This year we also did a scholarship drive, thanks to an anonymous donation by a student and offering a $1,000 match! Big thanks to Steve (Janelle’s fiance) & Dawn E (a rocking student and owner of Simple Simon Bakery who was our dessert sponsor!) for going through the audience and collecting donations! We exceeded the $1,000 and raised $1,500 + $1,000 match. How AMAZING is that!

The Aerial Dance village is AMAZING!