It’s started. The “get your summer body” posts. And I just want to SCREAM at these advertisers who are trying to make you feel like crap about your body so they’ll shame you into starting their program and using their product. And how well is that going to work? If you only care about “looking good” to be in a bikini, how much motivation is that really going to provide you?
What if instead you decided to do an exercise program because it made you happy? What if you decided you want to feel comfortable in your skin year around? What if you went to “the gym” to see your friends, laugh and get in a workout? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a “bikini body” if being healthy was just part of your daily life?
Don’t fall for the “get your summer body” posts. They don’t care how you look in a bikini. They just want to make sure you feel inadequate so you’ll spend money on their false hopes. Instead think about you. What will make you happy? What are the things you need from a fitness program to keep with it during summer, fall, winter and spring? It shouldn’t be about the size of your body or how you look, your fitness program should be about how you FEEL. Skinny is fine. Healthy is better. What do you need to feel healthy every day? That is what you should be searching for and spending your time and money on when you find it.