Aerial Dance has two stunningly beautiful aerial studios. We have top of the line equipment. So much expensive and wonderful equipment. All our rigging points are engineer certified and inspected monthly. We have working loads over the required for our sport with saftey factors way over required. Meaning all the “stuff” you are hanging from at Aerial Dance is the best and safest on the market. And outside of meeting some basic requirements, which we WAY exceed, the quality of the equipment doesn’t mean a damn thing without having amazing instructors.

What truly matters in an aerial program is the quality of instruction. How long have they trained on the apparatus? How many different ways can they explain a foot lock? How many hours do they have spotting on the apparatus? How many times have they practiced rescue and emergency techniques for when something goes wrong in the air? I always say I own the most gorgeous studios in the world but the only thing that truly matters is the women who teach here. They are what make Aerial Dance what it is. They train an insane amount to be excellent instructors. Our initial training program for instructors is 6 months and over 200 hours which includes a co-teaching period. They continue to train 3 hours weekly to keep learning and growing and practicing their skills. We hired in February so that we will have new instructors joining the team in September. We take the time to groom our instructors so they when they step foot in the classroom they are ready to go for any situation and truly outstanding staff.

So if down the line you move out of the area and need to find a new Aerial home, first write me, I can help put you in contact with great studios around the country; then if you know that the basic rigging and equipment needs are met, ask a TON of questions about how your instructor is qualified. The instructors are where the real gold is in an aerial program.