No matter your age, gender, or stage of life, having someone who inspires you to be the best version of yourself is always a positive thing. I truly feel there are so many individuals, students and instructors at Aerial that are true inspirations to me. I won’t name their names but if you get the chance to attend one class even, and get to interact with these beautiful people, I guarantee they are going to be the rainbow at the beginning of your path that guides you to become part of the Aerial Family.

The first is so soft spoken, loving and reminds you of everything beautiful in the world. She is a tiny little power house, so graceful and elegant in every apparatus. She is devoted and hard working not just with Aerial, but with many other places, making a positive and beautiful impact on the world. Any conversation you have with her just melts your heart.

The second, such a kind soul with the muscles of a goddess!!! She is cute, quirky, super dedicated to improving her skills, and helping others. Her personal drive to always do better inspires me, she clearly sets her mind to something and stays so focused, dedicated, and determined and to get to see her final results of it all in the end is so awesome. I strive to someday be even remotely as good as she is at everything.

The third, another amazing strong woman, she has been going to Aerial for several years now, she is so devoted to her skill, booking practices and coming in knowing exactly what she is going to practice. It trips me up everytime she comes in, just watching the series of moves she puts together in a beautiful sequence and most of the time she will film herself and then go back and clean up or correct whatever she feels that she could improve on. I had never met someone so passionate about their skills /hobby before.

My list could go on and on of amazing individuals anyone would be lucky to get to know. I am beyond grateful for the welcoming environment Aerial has to offer, for if it wasn’t for that I would not have made so many new friends and been able to build new relationships with people I would have never had the pleasure of meeting had it not been here.

Start your journey today and meet amazing people along the way! Try Intro to Pole or Intro to Aerial today!