For as long as I can remember, people have come to me with questions. I was a tutor when I was old enough in middle and high school, and I started getting paid for it in college. I was the exception in my class, I entered college knowing what I wanted to do: I was going to be a teacher. Not just any teacher, the most amazingly “out there” science teacher. I finished college including my student teaching in four years – also not the norm since most people don’t declare teaching intent until their second or third year of college. But I knew. Part of me has always known.

Fast forward 4 years. I started as a student at Aerial Dance and fell absolutely in love. When Paula asked me to start training to become an instructor she had to remind me that I should probably talk to my significant other before agreeing to the commitment. I was so excited: MORE TEACHING!!!

Fast forward again, 6 years this time. We are now at the current day. This fall I had to have one of those big conversations again with my now husband. The school year had started, I was attending in-service and preparing for my 11th year being that “out there” high school science teacher. With everything going on, I decided to hang up my lab coat to make myself available to be at the studio more often, and take on more responsibilities there. It was not an easy decision, but having the studio and still teaching there made it significantly easier.

I am still and will always be a teacher, it’s what I do and it’s in my nature. I’ve just changed the focus of what I teach. I love being able to be more involved at the studio and see all the amazing things happening within our walls each day. I still see tremendous growth and change, just in a different demographic. <3