Hello everyone!
I’m so sorry I’ve been away for a while–life got a little hectic! While I was “away,” I decided I will go for my goal: complete a 5K!


About to go on a morning training run–representing Aerial Dance, of course 🙂

This particular 5K event also has a 0.05K going simultaneously. In case you were wondering, 0.05K is about 54 yards. Both races have the same reward. At first, I thought “Well shoot, run 54 yards and still get all the goodies? Sounds great!” Then my pride kicked me in the shins, and I realized that I wouldn’t be proud of myself for running 54 yards. I would be proud of myself for completing a 5K, which is something that I have never done before. So, I signed up for the 5K, downloaded the app Couch 2 5K (per Diane Schneider’s suggestion 🙂 ), and got going!
giphy (6)

Me. Running. Away. Click on gif for full effect 😉 

Generally, if you see me running, you ought to be running too, because I am running from something.I have been gifted with a curvy frame and a, shall we say, “full” chest, so things tend to bounce in an uncomfortable manner when I run–hence my avoidance of the activity.  Also, I like food, and credit union teller work is mostly sedentary, so I am beginning with a limited endurance. I’m about to start Week 4 in the training app, and I’ve learned a few things, relevant to a pole journey, that I want to share with you.


This happens to me EVERY time I train. The app does running and walking intervals, and I’ll find myself in a run interval, feeling like I am about to give up. My muscles are aching, my breathing is getting varied, and I feel I can’t keep it together much longer. I quick unlock my phone, while running, to see how much time I have left. Most of the time, it’s 30 seconds or less. I can totally push on for 30 seconds or less! Sometimes, I’ll get right to the moment where I think I’ll have to stop, and it will tell me to walk anyways. What I’m getting at here, folks, is that sometimes, it gets ridiculously hard. You’ll feel like giving up. You think that you’ve given it everything. I could bet you that you’re almost there—that if you just give a leeetle bit more, push a little bit harder, you’ll get it. 🙂


Breanna - Inside Leg Hang

Holding my breath here… guarantee it! 😛

It’s generally a good thing to do if you want to stay alive. I’ve also found that controlling my breathing is extremely important to my endurance when I run. Pole is no different. It can be very easy to hold your breath when you’re engaging your muscles. I’ve learned from the instructors at Aerial Dance that you are stronger on an exhale than when you are holding your breath. Besides, how are you going to get your muscles that much-needed oxygen if you aren’t breathing? Try to become mindful of your breathing when you’re doing tricks.  You can always ask for help too.  I’ve yelled “breathe!” to people before. 😉


The thought of me running 3-ish miles sounds insane. Even now, I’ve had moments of panic where I wonder how I will make it. Rather than focusing on that big goal, I remind myself to focus on completing my training–one day at a time ,one week at a time. Sometimes, I even have to break it down to achievable goals while I run. I will tell myself “just make it to that tree/mailbox/funny-looking branch, you can do that!” I do, and then I set my sights for the next tree/mailbox/funny-looking branch. You might have a big goal in your pole journey. Break it down! Break your pole goal down to the individual exercises and training sessions! I’m not qualified to give you advice on that, but the Aerial Dance instructors are. Paula also just talked about this in a member seminar, so she would be a great resource also!


Every time I hit a mental wall and wonder how I will complete my goal, I visualize accomplishing it. For the 5K, I imagine the amazing feeling of accomplishment, my friends (and family, if they can come) congratulating me, and that delicious adult beverage concocted with barley/hops/whathaveyou that I get for free when I finish. In pole, you can visualize how you will look in the move, how you will fell when you accomplish it, the sounds of your classmates and instructor cheering you on, being able to perform it in front of others…. I can go on. Keep playing that visualization over and over in your head, especially when things get tough. Make your thoughts, your dreams a reality!  If you need help with this, do not hesitate to ask me, or any of your instructors. 🙂



The “After” Shot. Can you see the exhaustion on my face? Yeah, I’m smiling up until the point I remember that I live in an upper apartment… :]P. Finished my run though!

Stick. to. your. training. Do it, even when you are not feeling entirely motivated. I did not want to get up 45 mins early this morning to do my training, but I did anyways. There are two things I recommend for this. First, set a schedule. I sit down on Sunday night/Monday morning and figure out when I’m going to do my three training sessions during the week. Then I stick to them! If you’re having trouble sticking, then take the next step–get an accountability partner. Paula talks about this in this blog post! I’m sure you can find someone in your classes. If that’s a trouble, touch base with Paula or me!
Whether you’re trying to complete your first race or just trying to get that darned nemesis move, it’s the same. Set your goal, break it down, visualize your success, and stay consistent as you work toward it! I know I would love to hear about your goals! If you’re not sure how to break them down into bite-sized pieces, talk to the Aerial Dance instructors! They also can give you advice that I’m not qualified to give you, like proper stretching and some nutrition tips.   And remember…..

What you believe, you can achieve

— Mary Kay Ash