This morning my Timehop popped up a meme I had saved from last year and it said “You will get there.  Until then, be here. This moment matters.” And my brain instantly went to aerial. Wow.  Does that statement ever scream to where I, and I’m sure many aerialists are on our aerial journey.   

You will get there.  You will get the move you are trying for.  You will remember the sequence.  You will be a little stretchier.  You will be splittier…or you will learn to fake it. But be where you are.  Accept what you are capable of.  Accept that what you are capable of is pure and utter amazingness.  The courage it takes to sign up for your very first class.  The strength it takes to do your first stand. Your first flip into bat cave.  Your first foot lock. Your first climb to the top of the pole after you have been in advanced for a few terms. Your first Jordan.  Your first anything. And your second. And your 100th.  It is all truly amazing.  Everytime you walk through the doors; amazing.  Everytime you decide to take a day of rest; amazing.  Be in those moments. The moment matters. 

A common theme I heard and continue to hear from other members is to record yourself. And I couldn’t agree more.  Record yourself now.  I have never been disappointed that I recorded a move or a flow. I have also never been disappointed by recording a free dance.  In fact, there have been times I was pleasantly surprised by what I was capable of during a free dance. I was able to see where I was in the moment and appreciate it. 

There are also days I look back and am proud of the me that decided to sign up for that first class. And then for the membership.  I’m amazed at the journey I have done so far, in aerial and life.  I think of past me, hoping I would be where I am now.  It helps me realize I’m not where I want to be, but I’m also not where I was.  I’m here. I’m in this moment. I’m doing amazing things, here, in this moment. And the things I’m doing today matter. Without the things I’m doing today, I won’t get there. I can’t get to where I want, I can’t actually get anywhere, unless I make this moment matter.  I’m not back to aerial inverting yet, but I’m inverting.  And just being upside down matters. Just being in the studio each day matters. 

Be in this moment. Embrace this moment. Record this moment. This moment matters.