I was talking with a friend the other day about the many things that make Aerial Dance such an awesome place to workout. I talked about the variety of classes, the equipment, how unique the classes are, the small class sizes, etc. But what I found myself talking about most was the environment and the extra stuff.
Aerial Dance has an environment unlike any other fitness studio I’ve worked for or attended. Everyone is so uplifting and encouraging! The instructors, your classmates, even girls in other classes will join in the cheering if they hear you shout, “Look! I did it!!!” There is so much positivity in the place, I think if there was a class where no one said, “Great job,” the very walls of Aerial Dance would cheer, “Great class! Congrats on getting Jamilla!”
As I started talking about a few of the little extra things Aerial Dance has, more and more just kept coming to mind. We have TWO facebook groups dedicated to supporting members of Aerial Dance. These groups are filled with motivation, encouragement and tips to help you progress in your fitness journey. We also have a book club to support emotional and intellectual growth. Aerial Dance has its own competition team for those wanting to really stretch themselves and reach into the competitive spotlight. Two shows a year for sharing your journey with family and friends. A whole month a Self Love with a Party to celebrate. This month is Spring Cleaning where we are cleaning out negative thoughts about ourselves and replacing them with complements. Let’s not forget our instructors who are specially selected and put through endless hours of training to be the most knowledgeable and talented Aerial Artists on the planet! Special guest speakers and workshops based on requests made by members and topics we ask to hear about. Real towels that don’t disintegrate as we dry our hands. Gold Star Girl cards to reward ourselves for the best parts of class. Peppermint essential oil diffusing to help keep us from getting nauseous as we spin, sometimes a bit faster than intending. And so much more!
None of these things would be possible or even exist without Amazing leadership. Dr. Paula Brusky has outdone herself as she has strived to create a safe, positive, and supportive community at Aerial Dance. When you walk in those front doors, you become a part of a family. A family who cheers you on when you succeed and, literally, picks you up when you fall. This family runs with you when your journey is fast, crawls with you when your journey is slow, and even lays down with you after a crazy Fitness Barbie workout when you can’t even walk anymore. I recently told Paula that I’ve lost 32 of my 60 pregnancy pounds. I was expecting surprise and “that’s over half” like the other 3 people said. She just looked at me and said, “That’s great, but how do you feel?” I had to think about it for a minute. I was dumbfounded and amazed that she was more concerned about my feelings, emotionally and physically, than she was about a number on my scale. This is the spirit of leadership I want to follow as I interact with others in my life. I want to care more about their sense of wellness and self worth than about charts and appearances. I want to ask someone “How are you doing today?” and Really listen to what they’re saying. This is what makes Aerial Dance great: Leadership that others can look up to, imitate, and follow.