Pole exercise entails some intense training/practice. I have not yet been able to hold myself on the pole for very long if not at all. I am a bigger woman and have been uncomfortable in my own skin for many years now, but pole makes me feel okay to be in those booty shorts and tank tops. It has helped my self image and has made me feel more comfortable with myself both in and out of class. It has been awesome for my self confidence.

I had always thought of pole as something women only do in strip clubs, but it is so much more than that. I definitely have more respect for pole exercise. It is hard, and challenges your body/mind. It makes you mentally and physically stronger!  IT DOES NOT FEEL LIKE EXERCISE! When you are in the zone, you don’t even realize your working so many muscles in your body. I love the one to two days after when you’re sore, then know you have had an awesome workout. Even though I am sore my body feels so rejuvenated.

I have not been very flexible since I was in high school fourteen years ago. I have done yoga on and off for years, but I realized pole exercise has made me more flexible as well. It feels so good, and my muscles, though they hurt, feel so good. The stretching after a good work out is one of the best feelings.

Pole is diverse! It can be for anyone and everyone. Pole exercise does not judge, you can be big, small, tall, short, young, or old! It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in, pole helps you become stronger, more flexible, patient, and leaves you feeling awesome. Pole is my one day a week, I can truly just focus on myself. Even though it is a lot of work it doubles as my down time. I can unwind from the days’ work or adulating, because we all know that is not always fun!

Although I have not lost weight, I am gaining some muscles, and strengthening my core is helping with my back pain and sometimes eases my sciatic pain. It is something I am glad I got into because it releases all the happy hormones, and feels. Sometimes you just need a little pick me up. If you are looking at getting into pole, just do it. You will be surprised at what you’re capable of!