Something we started when our classes moved to the online interface is Facebook Live Classes each morning. I’ve had the joy of teaching these once per week since their inception. Even though I am a seasoned instructor, these classes offer me a very unique set of challenges.

First off, equipment. I can’t really use any – since I personally don ‘t have any! 🙂 So just like any of our members, I’ve had to be a lot more creative in what I can and do use to still get a great workout in. Using household items to help me along the way has been a creativity challenge for my brain.

Going along with equipment, exercise types. When teaching at the studio, I have my favorites, my old reliable exercises that I know I like to use, and that go together well. Since I don’t have my standard equipment, I can’t do my “usual” exercises. I’ve really had to do a lot more research for each class and take more time in planning to make sure the moves go well together. I’ve also had to focus more on timing – by this I mean making sure I have enough material, but not too much, to fit within the workout time. It just feels so different without my normal teaching space.

Finally – and most importantly – its so weird talking to an empty room! Even those who join and do the workout live, I can’t really interact since reading the chat while teaching is impossible since the font is so tiny! An hour of verbal affirmation to myself out loud in an empty room still just feels weird! I am so excited for when we can get back to our in person classes so I can chat it up and encourage you all in person again!