Sometimes in life when we seem to be struggling with the many challenges we all face, we forget that we perhaps are the ones getting in our own way. One way this seems to express itself in situations is with excuses. Everyone has one. I see many excuses people tell themselves for why they can’t gracefully fly through the air at the studio even though they would really like to begin taking classes. 

One excuse I see online is “I would so fall on my head.” This one I love because that is exactly what your instructors are here for! We train many hours and practice safety and spotting first and foremost above any tricks. I have taught students of all different ability levels and backgrounds and I have never let anyone do a trick that was not at their attainable skill level. This is the exact reason you go to class with professionals so we can show you the ropes!

Another excuse I think we have all either said to ourselves or heard others say is “I am too fat.” First of all this is totally robbing yourself of the chance to fall in love with a fitness routine that is both FUN and challenging! Everyone starts as a beginner and our students are in all shapes and sizes, even some students that have had major surgical operations and physical challenges. Our instructing team is trained to work with and adapt our curriculum to welcome each and every student that walks through the door and we think you are beautiful!

The last one I hear less frequently, but totally doesn’t make sense is “I need to work out first and get some upper body strength and then I will come try.” Let’s break this down, If we aren’t currently doing anything in our workout regimen to build that strength or not working out at all, what makes us think that we are going to go to a separate gym to somehow build the muscles needed for a different activity? This is bonkers! Our curriculum includes conditioning to help you get strong, and be safe about it, while learning the apparatus of your choice. (Not to mention getting some pretty great photo ops!) 

So, if you find yourself making any excuses in your daily life, ask yourself, are you the one holding yourself back from living that best life?