I hear it all the time. “I’d love to be an Elite member at Aerial Dance but I just don’t have the time to come enough.” Rubbish! The Elite Membership is priced for you to come once per week and attend two classes, your pole and something else, when you come. That’s it.

If you are already attending once a week and can come an hour early or stay an hour after, you will be fully paying for your Elite Membership with just that usage. Do what you’re already doing and stay one extra hour on that trip and you’ll get the financial benefit of the Elite Membership. Anything else you use on the membership after that point would be gravy! You can use your free studio rental every month or attending classes another day that month.

The Elite Membership allows you to attend a lot of classes but only pay for the membership you need to attend your Pole class and one other class weekly. That’s it. If you’re already here for your Pole hour, why not take a flexibility class after or a workout class before?

The Elite Membership also give you access to Static Pole classes. Our regular sequential pole program teaches spin pole so this is a whole other side of pole that you get unlimited access to as an Elite Member. Give it a try!

In addition to unlimited access to static classes, you also get unlimited Spin Pole classes as an Elite Member. Yes! You can take your normal pole class every week and take another of the same level or down a level to keep working on those skills. If you love pole and want to take more Pole, you can do that as an Elite Member. Some Elite Members just use their membership for Pole! That’s ok if that is what excites you!

Most Elite Members also take Aerial classes to help cross train for Pole. We have three aerial apparatus to play on: Hammock, Hoop and Silks. If you love pole, cross training will help you get stronger faster. It also reduces your chance of injury by working on skills in a different way. Becoming Elite gives you the option to cross train on other apparatus to improve your pole skills!

Flexibility and strength also aid your Pole Journey. With an Elite Membership you can take unlimited fitness, dance and flexibility classes. Work on your cardio for climbing the pole in Dance Cardio or get more comfortable moving around the pole with Floor Flow. Get closer to grabbing your foot in a Figure Skater with Bendy Babe, or simply get stronger, faster with Pole Strong.

All the supplemental classes Aerial Dance offers are specifically geared towards helping you get better at Pole. We started as a Pole studio. We LOVE Pole. Everything at Aerial Dance is designed to help you with Pole. The Elite Membership gives you that opportunity to get the full benefits of these classes at a steeply discount price. Plus, there is no hassle of paying attention to how often or what you attend since everything included is unlimited!

If you love Pole, become an Elite Member at Aerial Dance. Upgrade to Elite today for unlimited access to all things and to support your love of pole!