Comfort Zones

That’s right! I’m here to talk to you about branching out of your comfort zone. Inside your comfort zone it’s nice, warm, and fuzzy! You feel safe. Outside of your comfort zone, it’s dark and scary. Like there may be a monster lurking around every corner. Well, I am here to tell you that monster is only your fear getting in the way of your chance at growth. Your chance at a new experience! I know that it is always easier said than done to branch out of that comfort zone. Trust me! I’ve been there!
At the start of my journey at Aerial Dance taking pole was way out of my comfort zone. It was scary and at times very hard. Numerous times I almost gave up. After some time, pole became my comfort zone. I then decided it was maybe time to branch out yet again, which was perfect as the studio had just expanded with new apparatuses.
Again all of those terrifying feelings came flooding back, but this time it seemed a little easier to overcome. To my surprise stepping out of my comfort zone had helped me gain confidence I didn’t even know I had.  Sure as I ventured out into new apparatuses I was afraid I would fail, but without failure there is no room for growth!  What is something that you would like to grow in, but you are too afraid?

Start Small

Venturing out of your comfort zone doesn’t need to be in one big huge gesture like jumping out of an airplane. It could be something as simple as trying a new class at Aerial Dance, talking with someone you haven’t met, or something as small as evening stepping foot into the studio if you haven’t before.  This is the beauty of everyone’s journey. it’s uniquely yours, no one else’s. You can choose how far to go and what you are comfortable with. Once you become accustomed to that new level of comfort, take another baby step out. Before you know it you could be leaps and bounds away from your original comfort zone. Aerial Dance has helped me grow so far outside my comfort zone that I decided to run a Tough Mudder. Which is in 9 days! EEK!

We Believe in You!

Everyone at Aerial Dance believes in you! The amount of support you receive from Aerial Dance may even be out of your comfort zone! As some people don’t have anyone to turn to for support or in times of need.  I don’t know everyone’s story, but I do know of some women who’ve had their struggles not only at the studio, but in their personal lives. All of the women at Aerial Dance are their to believe in you and support you on your journey outside your comfort zone while at the studio or not.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We have one common goal at Aerial Dance, we are there to find a better version of ourselves. Each of us wanting to become stronger, more graceful, and to feel beautiful in our own skin. Aerial Dance’s saying couldn’t be more true. Find Your Strength and Believe Your Beauty!
So I ask you, what will be the one thing that you will do to take the first step outside of your comfort zone?
Until Next TIme,