Yup, I said it! I am extreme, but not as extreme as others! Not all extreme tricks and combos come easily to me, but it is my journey. I am not perfect by any means, nor am I the best! I am still amazing even if I am not as far as other are! I am still a baby extreme pole student and I love it! A new adventure awaits each class!

Leveling Up

It is that time of year when we are thinking about Term 1! How crazy is that?!?!?! I am not sure where 2019 went, but it flew by! As this term comes to a close many girls are contemplating moving up a level. If you are not sure if you are ready to level up, ask your instructor what they feel is best for your aerial journey! They know that all the ins and outs of the curriculum and what you will be ready for next.

This term in a few of my extreme pole classes, we had semi private practices for students. Some of the girls who attended the practices were looking to make the transition from Advanced 2 to Extreme. They “Oooo’d” and “Ahhhh’d” and were a little terrified exclaiming, “There is no way I can do that!” They forgot that each of us have had several terms or years of class. So I am here to be real honest with you.

Truth About Extreme

Here is the thing ladies, we extreme girls did not learn all our tricks or build our strength over night. It has taken months and even years to get where we are in our classes! (You can and will get there too!) I will be the first to admit there are still many things that I have yet to master! I am still battling it out with Jade and any type of handspring, but the best part is that I continue to try and I work at it.

I could make a list about 10 pages long on all the things I am still working on since I first started extreme pole. I could even back track that to some advanced transitions. My point of view of pole has changed a lot in the last five years. As an extreme student, I have begun to embraced the value of time. With time, all things are possible. Figuring this out sooner would have helped me so much more as an intermediate/advanced student.

Being in the extreme class does not make you the best of the best. You don’t magically know all there is to know about pole. There is always something more to learn or to improve on! Extreme pole is a way to continue strengthen and deepen your pole journey to find out even more about yourself!

Leveling up is one of the joys of our pole and aerial journeys, but never for get that each intermediate/advanced/extreme student started as a beginner right where many of you are. Keep working and keep loving yourself. Some day you will reach your goals! Nothing can stop you, but you! Be sure to enjoy this wild ride of an pole/aerial journey!

Until Next Time,