If I could have a remote for my life, I would want one button on it: pause. Having a pause button would give me an opportunity to take a moment to breath when life is chaotic. It would also give me an opportunity to revel in the moments where I am quite happy.  I definitely wanted to use the pause button today at practice!
Classes are great, but pole practices have a special place in my heart. I do like the freedom to chose what I practice, but I also like being able to talk with the array of pole ladies that come to practice. It’s great to see what they’re trying and what they’ve been able to accomplish. I would venture to say that many of my skills have been perfected by the suggestions and advice of others at a pole practice. I try to pay it forward when my advice is needed.
It’s a great atmosphere to be in, and it’s my escape from the real world. I am away from all of my requirements and responsibilities. I am not obligated to anyone or anything. It’s me, my pole, and a handful of awesome pole ladies. I can escape all of the stress and be focused on my pole skills and having fun with the rest of the ladies in practice.
Today’s practice was relatively quiet. I felt a little bit stronger, and definitely more confident than I did last week! I practiced much of the same things as I did last week: Fireman, Back Hook, Front Hook, Inside Leg Hang, Outside Leg Hang, and anything that involved climbing. It’s not perfect, but there’s some improvement from last week. I like any progress forward! I promise I’ll show you sometime soon.
For this practice, I thought I’d take some pictures of Shipshead and Showgirl. These are Intermediate moves that I still used as an Advanced or Extreme student. For those reasons, I thought it would be to my benefit to practice them.
I will fess up–I’m totally cheating in this move. Look at my feet. See how one is turned up instead of pointed? Yeah, pretty sure that’s wrong. I’m pretty sure that it’s supposed to be pointed. I say that I’m cheating because I’m using my foot to keep my leg locked into place. It’s cheating, it’s a little lazy, but I’ll totally own up to it. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be crossed at my knees with my toes pointed, but I’ll have to check with someone on that. On the bright side, I’ve got my hips tilted and my shoulders are level. Whoot Whoot!
IMG_1681 IMG_1680
I like doing this move most when I can get into it from something else. I’m doing the open leg/Scissor version, which is my favorite. I’ve included both pictures here to prove a point. It is this: The picture where I’m not smiling? That’s realistic. Don’t get me wrong–I am smiling during practices! It’s just generally not in the middle of a move, especially when I’m trying to hold it for a photo.
I’m still turned a little skyward in this photo. In order to make the move look better and execute easier, I ought to turn myself outwards. This simple shift in my hips would help me lock my legs into place. I kept slipping out of that move while the photos were being taken. I blamed it on sweaty thighs, but I see now that sweat is not the only reason for slipping!
I can hardly wait to get back to the studio again to practice these! I definitely wish I had a the pause button, but I’ll just have to settle for the time I’m able to get.  I love the escape and I love learning from the ladies around me! Will I see you at the next practice?