I want to share my experience on unexpected benefits along my journey.

When I started my journey with Aerial Dance I was shy and timid. It didn’t take long after I started to feel like like I belonged to a supportive family. I could see that this was a true sisterhood. I made friends quickly and I have connected with several of these girls on Facebook and other platforms. It’s nice to interact and get to know other adult women who share similar interests as me. My confidence levels rose quickly just from the girls I did pole with. Everyone is so supportive and kind. When you feel like you are not growing or getting anywhere with progress they are there to encourage and give pointers. We help each other, like a team. You can’t ask for a better support network.

Aerial Dance has also helped me grow strength and confidence. Never did I imagine that I would be able to be as strong as I have become whilst doing pole. 

I remember the first time I saw I had triceps that popped. I was in a conditioning class with Instructor Olivia. She was working me hard because we were just one-on-one for that class. She was full of energy and pushing me to my fullest potential. I was on the ground doing some form of push-ups and she complimented my triceps. I got so excited I swear I felt invincible.

After, I remember showing my family with a sense of accomplishment. I don’t know if I would have noticed without her pointing it out, but I am so grateful she did. I felt very proud and motivated. Thank you to all of the instructors for never giving up on us and always pushing us the way we need to be.

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