I read an article that summarized a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience. It talked about galanin, a neuropeptide expressed in the brain, spinal cord, and gut of humans. We typically hear about endorphins and serotonin being released in response to exercise so it’s exciting to read about this “new” protein. 

Here is a quick summary: Exercising mice had elevated galanin levels in the locus coeruleus, a cluster of neurons in the brainstem involved in the stress response. The more the mice exercised, the greater the amount of galanin in the locus coeruleus, which in turn correlated with their degree of stress resilience. The increased galanin didn’t influence other aspects of the mice’s behavior, suggesting galanin may be recruited only during periods of high stress.

Wow! No wonder I feel like I can take on the world when I have been working out consistently. The results of this study could also suggest that increased exercise doesn’t impact our immediate feelings of stress, but does allow us to cope with stress in a healthier way. Hmmm so we get the immediate hit of serotonin to make us happy, endorphins after an hour in response to pain and then galanin for the future. The body sure is amazing! Here is the link to the previous blog about serotonin and endorphins for reference: Biochemistry: Exercise & Neurotransmitters – Aerial Dance (aerialdancepoleexercise.com)

Researchers said the benefits only come from regular, aerobic exercise so who is ready for some Vertical Barre, Dance Cardio, Pole Flow, Aerial Conditioning, Pole Strong or Hammock Fit? Take this opportunity to take care of the future you and sign up for some sweaty classes that will wrap you up in protective galanin!

Full article: Brain study reveals one type of exercise increases stress resilience (inverse.com)