Aerial Dance is such a positive, welcoming environment from the time you walk in until the time you leave. When you walk into the building you are welcomed by a friendly face, asked how your day is going so far or maybe even asked what you have planned for the day/ weekend. The studios and front area are decorated beautifully.

All of their spaces are well maintained, it is visually appealing in so many ways. From the flowing sheer curtain accents to being able to see all the different apparatuses they have to offer, the creative twinkling lights give certain classes a little spice or calming effect. The studios are all well lit and kept very clean. Aerial Dance provides a warm, welcoming mood, a retreat from the chaos of the day. There are guidelines in place to protect the members from being filmed or photographed without permission, the studio windows are also protected from outsiders looking in. They have well kept bathroom/ changing/ shower areas for those who need it. I personally think the most generous part of the changing area is that they have a cute set up of deodorant, hairspray, mouth wash, and hair ties! I just think it is so cool. How many times do you go somewhere only to look down and see you forgot a hair tie? Now you don’t have to worry, these amazing women got you covered.

Aerial Dance Appleton Back Pole Studio

After finishing a class, feeling on top of the world, sometimes the instructor will send a personal email complimenting something I accomplished, and to me that makes my whole Aerial Dance experience that much better.