Hello beautiful people!! No, I am not referring in any context to Ed Sheeran`s song “Beautiful People.”  I am referring to each individual reader`s beauty.  And how all those different versions of beauty are what make the world so wonderful. 

If anyone has read my previous posts, or has spoken to me at any time, you will know that I am a fan of Kpop. The most recent group that has been stealing my attention is the Grammy nominated boy band, BTS.  Although I had been a fan back when they first debuted in 2013, I stopped paying attention for a few years because I was not in Korea and was more interested in a different group. Honestly, I didn’t even expect them to survive more than 2 years. Anyway, BTS often talks about taboo subjects, such as mental health.  This has actually been a major theme in many of their songs and videos, and is something they often repeat to their fans.  One comment that a fellow fan mentioned on a YouTube video was a quote by one of the rappers, Suga. He stated, “You aren’t meant to be perfect; you`re meant to be real.” Every time I think of that quote, I end up in tears, or at the very least tearing up. 

You are meant to be real.

And that is different for everyone.  It is something I fight with every day.  I am not conventionally attractive, I am still living with family, and many of the dreams I have had since I was little have not come to fruition. But that’s real. I fall down. I get beat up. Clothes don’t fit or are hard to find because of my size.  People doubt my abilities because of my weight (I am a certified personal trainer, among other things). But I am real. I am me. I am my own version of beautiful. And I am trying my best to not compare myself to others (which is definitely a difficult task). So a constant lesson I am learning is to show up for myself. To be my own version of beauty.  I am working on being okay with not being perfect (and as a perfectionist, it is a challenge).  I am working on being my true, authentic self. I am meant to be real.