I couldn’t be happier to be back at the studio. I am not one to self-motivate and work out at home, which is one of the many reasons I fell in love with the studio. I didn’t expect coming back to be easy since I knew I hadn’t been keeping up on all the conditioning and training I was doing before Stay-at-Home. I decided to take a step back to work up to moves I had been training. I was glad I was realistic with myself and I started back at beginner….

Because it was HARD! I was so excited to play on silks again, but climbing once on each side was a humbling experience. Working on foundational moves like footlocks was a little clumsy. I found that moves that had come so naturally to me took a second to think about and I even had to redo a few to get them right. After an hour of stringing together a few moves from the beginner card I was tired, but it felt so good to be back!

So as we are returning to the studio, whether you are excited, nervous, scared, or a healthy combination of all of those emotions, I encourage you to focus on a few things…

  1. Get back into the swing of things. If you were like me and at-home workouts weren’t going how you originally had envisioned, just get back to the studio! Sign up with friends that you’ve missed and have fun getting back to class with them.
  1. Scale things down. Take a few steps back to remember what you love about the studio so you’re not spending your time worrying about where you “use to be” in your aerial journey.
  1. Focus on the things you do well and do them REALLY well. While you’re gaining your strength and muscle memory back, focus on your favorite moves and break them down more. Are your toes pointed? Can you express and play with the less active parts of yourself (hands, arms, face?) Can you string your go-to moves together into a fun combo?

Along with training and playing again, I can’t wait to see everyone and get back to what I love about Aerial Dance- the community. Welcome back!