Now that the dust has settled, let’s talk Christmas Show. WOW. You are all amazing.show-229
This year the show brought a new level of preparedness, artistry, choreography and bad-ass-ery to Appleton. The routines were spectacular. I loved the seamless transitions between dance and pole. The level of skill and work was extremely evident. Walking through the audience I kept hearing about how hard those girls must train and it made me smile.  I can’t properly convey how proud you all made me.
It wasn’t just the level of choreography and tricks that took a step up this year, so did the costumes! It was really outstanding to see how each group brought a complete performance idea to the stage.
Now what? How do we top this? How do we keep offering ways to expand our students skills? Oh don’t worry, we have ideas…. 🙂
There are a few things I need to figure out for 2017. Dancer seating is the biggest one. In 2015 we had 40 dancers and I had 40 seats reserved. Only 6 or so of the seats were actually used as most of the dancers were pacing, standing or backstage. It wasn’t the look I wanted with the first two rows on both side empty. So this year I thought I’d do 30 chairs for the 60 dancers and for some reason everyone wanted to sit and I got a bunch of complaints. So not sure why this year it was so different. And not sure what to do about it for next year. We did sell out of tickets so if every dancer had a reserved chair that would mean a large number of family and friends couldn’t attend. So I’m just not sure what to do. But we’re thinking about it…
We’re also thinking about a theme! We’re kicking around a BUNCH of awesome ideas and will hopefully decide soon. And with that will go song choices, which was so much fun this past year. The theme really helped guide the show so we want to keep with that as a basis for music selection.
One of the big things I’m working on for 2017 is going to be mind blowing if I can make it happen. The level of trick is growing past the stage pole so we are looking into alternative options….that’s your hint….
We have Tanner’s reserved for Friday December 15 for a dress rehearsal and the 2017 show will be on Saturday December 16, 2017. That’s one year from today so I better get on the planning!