When was the last time you turned things upside down? In your yoga practice I mean. If your answer is never, you have come to the right place.

Aerial Dance has Aerial yoga along with many other apparatus options. Aerial yoga is the safest, most effective way to empower your yoga practice. I absolutely love going to aerial yoga classes. I was a little hesitant at first not knowing how doing yoga in the air was even a possibility, but I quickly learned along with everything else Aerial has to offer that I had nothing to worry about. 

Using hammocks (the most amazing things on the planet) you are able to work on flipping upside down and other aerial acrobatics and skills which build core strength, proper alignment and upper body strength. All are very important to work on and improve no matter what class you are taking with aerial. You are always going to learn how to do cool tricks but what I love is that you will also know how to properly take care of your body before, throughout and after every class.

I love that the instructors are always there to help when you have questions, need assistance, or simply just need to be shown an example of something you are trying to learn or review.

Aerial yoga is fun yet relaxing and a nice go at your own pace kind of style and it is great.

I have always enjoyed basic yoga classes but Aerial just makes it easier yet more intense. I feel I definitely build a lot more strength, balance, and flexibility which I am then able to take and incorporate in my other classes through aerial.

As time moves forward, the more aerial classes I take the easier/ smoother a lot of my tricks and transitions in pole have been a lot easier, more elegant looking and smoother as I move from transition to transition. It’s definitely been a great feeling of accomplishment looking back at when I first started at aerial to where I am today and the amount of things I can do that I never in a million years would have thought was possible. 

There is something about inversions that create positive energy and put you in the best mood.

Aerial Dance is a truly amazing place to join and wouldn’t trade for any other experience.

Come hang around with us! Try Aerial Yoga or fly on all of the aerial apparatus in Intro to Aerial!