You Have Your Life All Mapped Out… Or So You Think

That same thought has crossed Instructor in Training Sara’s mind more than once. Sara grew up in the small town of Iola Wisconsin.  Once she graduated high school she headed off to Lawrence University right here in Appleton. During her time at Lawrence she met her significant other Scott. She graduated from the university with a degree in Spanish. Her degree meant that she was once fluent in Spanish. After graduation she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life. She didn’t want to teach and didn’t want to translate. She was stuck in a rut.
In high school they always say, “Go to college! Get a degree!” Well now she had one and still wasn’t sure where she was going with her life. After completing her Spanish degree, she found that it wasn’t her passion. While enjoying her time at Lawrence she fell in love with the “booming metropolis” of Appleton compared to little ole’ Iola. Scoot was also from the Appleton area so that was plus.
After some thought, Sara made the decision to go back to school to become an ophthalmologist. She went to UW Stevens Point for about a year and a half to for ophthalmology. Then reality came crashing down on her. Being an ophthalmologist requires you to be able to do a lot of math, really hard math. Math is not something Sara enjoys, so she decided that this career path was not for her. This really realization confused and frustrated Sara to no end. Sara was in her mid-twenties, living at home with her parents, and not sure where life was going to take her. That’s when she found the open window after the last door of opportunity shut.

Finding Just What She Needed

On her third path in life, Sara embarked on a journey to become a vet tech. Animals have always played a big part in her life and it was time to pursue her passion. If you have ever met Sara, you would know that her corgi and kitty are her whole world. Her puppers had even made an appearance at the studio! With her knew found desire, she found a program in Madison and hit the books. Sara now works at a mixed animal veterinary clinic. She services mainly cats and dogs. Being a vet tech brings Sara more joy than she could have ever imagined! Even if she doesn’t like the “yucky/gross” parts that can come along with it. She finally had found a career path that suited her passions, but little did she know life had another curve ball to throw her way.

Finding Aerial Dance

In January 2017,Sara decided to try pole at Aerial Dance on a whim with a coworker. She sat looking at her computer contemplating whether or not she should pull the trigger and register for pole. She realized that once you sign up there would be no looking back. Her decision was clear, she would try pole, it was all down hill from there!  She took beginner pole and then decided to repeat the beginner class in combination with the Fitness 8 membership. She made it about half the month before she ran out of conditioning classes. She knew that she needed more.
During the second term of pole there was an Intro to Aerial Class. After Intro to Aerial, she was head over heels for the studio. The next thing she knew she was a full blown Aerial Member! Hoop quickly became her first love. Sara will always have special place in her heart for pole, but hoop sets her soul on fire. She is as free as a bird! (KAW KAW)

Becoming an Instructor

In Sara’s short time at the studio, her passion for exercising and learning have come out full force! Sara is an inspiration to all who encounter her. Becoming an instructor was not something she had planned. The studio is Sara’s safe place, where she has learned to love all sides of herself. So when she the opportunity to become an instructor presented itself, she wasn’t sure they had made the right choice with selecting her. I however see why the chose her. She is strong, kind, loving, and caring. Those attributes are the building block to make her an amazing instructor.
She has already jumped into her certification training, and has even scheduled her exam. She continues instructor training at the studio and is loving every minute of it, no matter how exhausting it is. Sara looks forward to growing with Aerial Dance as it expands to two locations. She is thrilled about her new journey and cannot wait to share her passion of the aerial arts with all of us at Aerial Dance. We are so excited to welcome you to our instructor team!
Until Next Time,