Tomorrow is that start of 2016. Every time I am on Facebook now I’m inundated with “set your weight loss goals” and “be a better you in 2016.” And I get SUPER ANGRY. First off, if you need to focus on what you want to lose, how is the motivating, that starts your journey with a negative train of thought because it starts with the “I’m not good enough as I am, so I need to lose X before I’m good enough” mentality. Which brings me to my second issue with this stuff, I think you’re pretty awesome as you are right now so what is with all this “better you” crap.
Can you improve upon a great thing. Of Course. We all have areas we can do better. But please please please don’t let your striving to do better keep you form recognizing how great you are or enjoying where you are at. So much of the time we get into the mindset of “once I loose the X pounds, then I’ll be happy” when truly you can be happy right now as you work towards a healthier you, if you chose to be. And I’m pretty sure once you accomplish your physical goals a magic fairy doesn’t waive a wand and grant you happiness as a result, that has to come from your own mindset! You can choose to love yourself and be happy now. And then pursue a lifestyle with activities that also make you happy that helps you obtain your physical goals.
These are some of the reasons that we never talk about “weight loss” at Aerial Dance. You will lose weight with us, but I truly believe what you gain is more important. You’ll gain strength, flexibility, confidence. You’ll gain a workout plan that is like being a kid on a playground and you’ll WANT to come play. You’ll gain new friends and a network of women who want to support you in your journey. To me, all of those gains far exceed the desire to be skinnier because if you gain all of those things your life will be richer regardless of your pants size.
So as you traverse the crazy “fitness crazes of 2016” you have the option to buy into their version of you as lacking or choose a path that is empowering you by recognizing how awesome you are at the start of your journey.