Last week was the “anniversary” of the “safer at home order” and when Aerial Dance shifted for a few months to online classes. On Tuesday I made a FB Live message “one year and what have we learned” on the main Aerial Dance Wi page. To prepare, I had Manager Chrissy put together a list of how many online classes we taught since resuming our IN PERSON classes. I already knew we had taught 522 online classes during the “safer at home”. FIVE HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO online classes from March 17 – May 25, 2020. To me that number was mind blowing. We went from NEVER having taught an online class to teaching 522 during the 70 days that the “safer at home” was in place. We were offering on average SEVEN classes a day online during the safer at home. AMAZING.

What I didn’t know and was SHOCKED to learn is that since the “safer at home” we have kept our online class program extremely strong. We have taught 636 additional online classes since resuming in person classes. THIS IS HUGE. We are primarily an in person studio. When we returned to what we do best we STILL offered on average at least two online classes daily for our members. We offer over 150+ in person classes every week and are also offering an additional 14+ online. The sheer number of options our members have is simply mind blowing.

Aerial Dance went from never having taught an online class to teaching 1,158 in the first year we offered them. That is simply amazing.