I love watching other people dance. Brand new or veteran, it doesn’t matter – I love watching how different people interpret music in their body. I find it fascinating to learn how long someone has been dancing, how each person learns things at their own pace. However, I do find myself being a little jealous sometimes if others master some difficult trick faster than I did.

I find myself in that place lately – seeing how quickly some people pick up on certain tricks that took me MONTHS or even YEARS to do! I’m still super excited for them, but at the same time in the back of my mind a little voice is saying “well how come it took you so long?” And I’m here to remind us all today that WE ARE ALL ON OUR OWN JOURNEY!!!

Every body is different, and sometimes moves feel natural to one body but completely foreign to another – that’s okay. Some of us come in with ripped shoulders and arms – handsprings may be a piece of cake, and that’s okay. Some of us have the flexibility of a toothpick, so spatchcock will not be in our wheelhouse any time soon, and that is okay too! Each person’s pole journey is unique to her/him – and there is no right or wrong, too fast or too slow.

It’s okay to be a little envious of another’s tricks, but always remember what YOU and YOUR BODY are capable of too. We all do some pretty amazing things in our own way, and in our own time.