Today’s world is all about instant gratification. From social media, to fast food, and two-day shipping. Everything we want, crave, and need is instantly at our fingertips. When something is broken, instead of repairing it, we replace it. The allure of shiny and new shines bright with not only material possessions, but within ourselves and our relationships. But new is not always better.The aerial arts are complicated and overwhelming. With so many spins and poses, and apparatus to master, and so many styles of dance to choose from, it quickly becomes a very personal journey.

Everyone has their own reasons for starting their aerial journey. Not everyone is in it to become the next world champion or winner on a televised talent show. But everyone is susceptible to one thing. Boredom.I hear it all the time in my classes. “What’s next?!” “Can we do something different today?” And I get it. Working on the same things over and over again becomes monotonous. And chances are you began your aerial journey FOR something new. But take ballet for example. They begin with 5 basic positions and from there, they spend their entire lives perfecting their lines and movement. Over. And over. And over. They don’t just do it until they get it right, they repeat it until they can’t get it wrong. Anyone can leap across a stage, but not everyone can make it look like a ballerina does.Mastering basic movements and muscle engagement couldn’t be more important when it comes to pole and aerial. From a grace standpoint, and safety.

Take our intermediate pole classes for example, we have our intermediate students practicing invert preps from the ground before they ever take them in the air. It’s no doubt boring and uneventful, but there is reason behind it. We do this to build the muscle memory so when the time comes, our legs know exactly where they’re going without you having to even think about it. The pole becomes like another appendage.Review is SO important. If you’re feeling bored chances are you’ve been so focused on “what’s next”, that you don’t even remember the spin we learned last week, or that invert you were cleared on 8 months ago and may need to be re-spotted. Take some time in your practice sessions to review these moves! Focus on clean transitions, pointed toes, and long lines. Do it until you can’t get it wrong. Get creative, have fun, be patient, and above all, be safe.