Yes, every single one of you is beautiful. It’s so hard these days to
believe that it’s true, but it is!

I have been struggling with my weight for years now, some days are
worse than others. It’s hard on a daily basis to look in the mirror
and think “Wow, I am beautiful” but that’s what we all need to start
doing! Unfortunately we live in a world that has unrealistic
expectations of what beauty should be. Everywhere we look…
magazines, TV, online we see images of what we are “supposed” to look
like. We see someone else’s interpretation of what beautiful should
be. Some of us even have loved ones in our lives that say things that
make us feel ugly. “You know you would be so pretty if you did
this…” The only person’s expectations of beauty that you need to
meet are your own!!

There are some days that I look at myself and say “You know what, I am
beautiful!” and then there are other days I want to hide in layers of
clothing. I don’t want anyone to see me or look at me. I find myself
struggling at the studio some days when I’m doing a move that requires
more grip points. Sometimes instead of having fun and enjoying the
moment I dread taking off clothing for grip in fear of my body. Women
of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and it’s unfortunate that we
live in a time that most of us don’t feel that way.

It’s a hard journey to overcome. On a daily basis I have internally
struggle to love myself and my body. Some of the things I try
telling myself to help me snap out of any negativity I may be feeling
are to look what your body can do! Stop and think about all the hard
work you put in at the studio and all of the strength you’ve gained
there. I remind myself that no one at the Aerial Dance is judging me
except myself. We are all there to support each other and as often as
I dread having to remove layers it’s also the place that I feel the
most beautiful at. Even when I’m dripping in sweat from an amazing

You are all beautiful!