I was watching this gem of a classic movie and was totally motivated by the amazing advice Angelica (Kathryn Hahn) the bartender was giving to the male protagonist, Pete (Topher Grace) who is in love with Rosalee (Kate Boworth) but has not told her such. The lines and a link to the scene are below for reference. 

I want to feel strong again. Be able to do an aerial invert. I want my shoulder mount back! I am not going to get any of those things until I “file an application”. I need to get off of my “barstool” and do something about it. It might be starting with reverse curls and pole pumps but it will help pave the way to all my other goals. On a positive note, I have started to do this and it is exciting how quickly things are progressing. I just need to make sure that I don’t go back to my “barstool” and hang out there for too long.

What do you want in life? Any goal, small or large – there is no better time than now to get your tushy off of your barstool, desk chair, sofa, etc. and “file an application” (aka start reaching for whatever you want in life)!

Angelica (the amazing bartender) = bold
Pete = Italicized
Well, you got to win her back.
Angelica, trust me, I have tried everything.
What did she say when you told her that you love her?
Well, uh, actually not everything, but …
What did she say when you kissed her?
It’s more like, uh, two things I haven’t tried.
Well, what have you tried?
I have very unsubtly implied how I feel about her.
OK, get up.
Get your ass off the barstool.
Hey, if you feel it and you don’t do everything in your power to reach for it, you are basically slapping life in the face.
I hate to break it to you, but I don’t stand a chance here, OK?
As my father told me when I said I’d never get that job in a bar, “Honey, your odds go up when you file an application.”
Sure, but I’m up … against … Tad Hamilton.
You are Tad Hamilton.
Don’t you see? Everybody’s Tad Hamilton to somebody, Pete. Rosalee’s Tad Hamilton to you. And you’re Tad Hamilton to me.
Angelica, thank you.
So start acting like it.
OK. Yeah, OK. … You are a really good bartender!
(2) Win a Date with Tad Hamilton – Angelica’s Support – YouTube