I started taking classes at Aerial Dance because I was doing competitive ballroom dancing and wanted to get stronger, without bulking up.  I was also friends with Instructor Chrissy and saw some of the photos she was posting and I was like, OMG….. I want to do that.  

I began stalking Aerial Dance for a few months on-line.  In my spare time, I would look at Aerial Dance’s Facebook and website and wonder how long it would take me to get too advanced pole classes.  I was afraid to start as I didn’t want to fail and to be embarrassed because this was all new to me.  After a few months, I got enough courage to step out of my safe zone and approached Aerial Dance.  I signed up for my first pole class even though I would drive 3 hours round trip for a 1 hour class.  To my surprise, when I arrived at my first class, EVERYONE in my class was a beginner and no one knew what to do.  We had an amazing instructor that was properly trained to teach beginner pole classes.  She made it fun and made the entire class feel safe to try things.

I had so much fun taking beginner pole that I started taking conditioning and aerial classes at the studio.  Not only is this an incredible workout, it is so much fun.  It’s crazy to think I have been an aerialist for over 4 years.  

I truly fell in love with the sisterhood at Aerial Dance.  Aerial Dance is not just a place to work out, it’s a sanctuary for women to feel safe and express themselves and be whoever they want to be.