This past winter while I was pregnant, I watched my friend Katie learn and grow at Aerial Fitness, and I told her as soon as I was postpartum and cleared- I definitely wanted to check out a class with her! I am a powerlifter and a professional bodybuilder, so I was excited how these classes could transfer over and help me with my current weaknesses. I knew upper body strength was needed, and since I lack that area, I wanted to see if I could improve my bench through these new types of training. I also lack being graceful on stage in heels as a bodybuilder, so I knew it would be very beneficial to learn a new way of movement at Aerial!

At just under 3 months postpartum, I went to my first class as a drop in, and it was beginner hoop. I instantly fell in love. Even though my knee pits were bright purple and yellow from bruises, I had to come back the next night for more. Before I even took my intro to pole class, I knew that I needed more of what Aerial had to offer so I signed up for the elite membership. Since then I have tried several types of classes to see where I fit best!

I love walking in the door and being welcomed by the friendly instructors. I love meeting new people, and making friends. Each class comes with new challenges and allows me to try new things and gain confidence. Event though I have a long way to go, I am excited for my journey at Aerial.