Hi friends! Here I am again with a blog, and today I have been thinking about forgetting. In this sense I am saying that we forget sometimes where we started in our journeys. For me, that was from beginner pole to intermediate. I felt like that was such a huge jump for me at the time! Now, I have gotten into a habit of forgetting how far I have come when things get hard! New conditioning, new moves, new spins, it seems like I should know so much already, but it wasn’t long ago that I had first touched a pole. I noticed in myself that I had forgotten what it was like to have that first excitement of starting something new, and I had to keep that going within myself to push forward into new goals.

This could also to apply to us in everyday life, what are you getting better at? Have we forgotten when we first started being moms, sisters, siblings, wives, caretakers, rule makers, and how scared we were? I am here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT! So keep working on your pole and aerial moves, keep working on whatever it is you are trying to reach towards, but do not forget where you came from!