Divas was AMAZING!

When I first heard what the theme for the Christmas Show was this year, I was less than thrilled. I thought that the show was going to be all T-Swift, Brittany Spears, and Beyonce, but boy was I wrong! The instructors dug deep and pulled out some real show stopping diva hits! The instructors and students took this year’s Christmas Show to whole new level. Nice work ladies!  With this being my fourth Christmas Show, I thought that the dazzle might wear off. WRONG AGAIN! Each year the Christmas Show is bigger and better than the last! All of the routines were on point! We truly killed it this year ladies! Go ahead, pat yourself on the back!
This year I had the pleasure of sharing my love of the aerial arts with two of my coworkers. Neither of them had experienced aerial in any form other than seeing my pictures. They left the show completely speechless. You could see the pure “aw” just radiating from them. They had not seen so much beauty, grace, strength, and CONFIDENCE coming from so many women of all shapes and sizes. The biggest thing they noticed about our Christmas Show, was the sense of community that came from each student and instructor.
These words came straight from my coworker, “I can see why you are part of this studio, you are not only a students but you are all family.”  We are family at Aerial Dance and I feel that that is one of the biggest reasons why the Christmas Show is unlike any other performance. I was honored to share the stage with some many courageous woman!

Thank You

We as students owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Paula for bringing her dreams of an aerial studio to life and to our instructors who work tireless hours! You ladies are more amazing than any one person or student could ever put into words. Thank you for making our dreams as students a reality. You help us to grow to become a better version of ourselves and you do not here “thank you” often enough.
The Christmas Show could not have been a success without the help of so many sponsors! Thank you to all of the photographers and videographers who worked so hard to capture all of the amazing moments at the Christmas Show! This show was phenomenal!

What Now?

The break between terms can seem like an eternity with the Holidays right around the corner. This is no excuse to let your aerial skills slip away! Keep going to pole practices! YOU NEED TO KEEP UP ALL THE STRENGTH AND PROGRESS YOU GAINED! Sure, it is okay to take a few days off, but don’t let yourself fall out of your aerial routines! It will be so much harder to reestablish those habits if too much time passes you by.
During break Aerial Dance has amazing workshops that will be taking place in between terms! You may even see Steve and I at a doubles co-ed hoop class during break! The studio will continue to have conditioning, flexibility, and aerial classes during break. Keep up the hard work ladies, each time we take a class we are working on bettering ourselves. Above all else, remember your aerial journey is your own and have fun!
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!