New Experiences

Already this year has brought with it a bunch of new experiences both professionally, personally, and at the studio. On March 23rd, Aerial Dance hosted a co-ed couples hoop workshop! In all there were five couples to attend the workshop. The duos were husbands/wives, boyfriend/girlfriend, and sisters who wanted to do hoop together! No hoop experience was required! This is only one example of why I truly love Aerial Dance! They want everyone to enjoy the aerial arts at all ability levels!
Steve and I were one of the couples to attend the workshop. It was a new experience for him and myself! He even went out and bought a pair of leggings to help with protecting his knees. The legging debockle is another story! The week before the workshop Steve and I went out for sushi at non other than Nakashima where who do we bump into? Owner Paula and Instructor Niki. I told them that Steve and I were planning to attend the workshop. I had mentioned that he needed to pick up a pair of leggings which made Paula and Niki laugh. They offered up a solution to Steve’s legging problem by suggesting he wear my Lion King leggings! Steve entertained the idea by trying on my leggings, but they were a little snug. Ladies it was quite the sight! I actually laughed out loud. Thankfully he is a good sport and was not offended. In the end, he thought it best not wear them, but did bring them as a last resort if we could not find a pair for him. In the end we did find a pair the day of the workshop.

Go For a Swing

In the doubles hoop workshop we focus on doubles tricks and spins. Up until this point Steve had only been to conditioning classes with me. He has enjoyed the conditioning classes, but the hoop workshop really gave him a true sense of what it is we really do at the studio! It was really interesting trying to share a hoop with a person who weighs 50+ pounds more than you do. I would already be in the hoop, he would pull up, down I would slide on top of him. we spent a good portion of the workshop laughing! Instructors Kim and Kelly did a fantastic job with this workshop! Some of the couples had never taken a hoop class in their life and were at the workshop! That was amazing! They were able to do all the tricks and spins together! Below are a few examples of the tricks that we learned!

If you have to opportunity to take one of these doubles classes i highly recommend it! You and your doubles partner will not be disappointed!!!

Thoughts From Other Couples!

Here is what student Rachel had to say about the workshop, “I loved it. I didn’t know pain could be so much fun. It was great watching Dan see how much strength it takes to do these sports. Before this, he just thought it was pretty.”

Student Sheyrena said, “I loved it again! We had gone to the coed doubles hoop workshop that had benefited Red Cross previously, plus I did a double’s hoop workshop that I privately booked, so this was Patrick’s third time and it was great because each time we have learned New fun things! Cannot wait for the next!”

Our Studio

We are beyond blessed to have such an amazing studio in our area! Now were are even luckier to say that we will have TWO! YES I SAID TWO! amazing studios so close to home! Also Ladies mark your calendars!!!! Bazaar After Dark is on April 28th in Little Chute! If you are not ready to make you aerial debut please come out and support all your pole and aerial sisters!  If you have a friend that has not tried the aerial arts yet, you need to share with them what they are missing! Bazaar After Dark is the perfect place to do just that! Come one! Come all!  On any given day you will hear me say that I would be lost with out the Studio! I know that I will be bringing some friends with me!
Until Next Time!