Pinterest is my favorite place to find pole inspiration. I spend plenty of time looking at photos of moves, but I also run across various memes that I save so I can motivate myself later. Here are a few of my favorites!
We all have those days where we realize exactly how hard this sport is. You try, try, try, and that move is just not coming to you. Sometimes, this can be a streak! When I started my Advanced classes the first time through, this is EXACTLY how I felt. I had a class full of very talented, quick learning students. I was getting things, but not nearly as fast as everyone else. This was when I developed my “You’re only competing against yourself” mantra. I felt like the struggle would never end! Now, some of those things that I was learning in that class are part of my warm-up. Folks, it DOES happen. It WILL get easier, it will get better! Stick with it!
never stop
This is another one that speaks to my personal journey, before my break and after. Cross-training or no cross-training, my progression has been slower than a good chunk of my cohorts, and sometimes slower than I would have it. I have reached moments where I really did want to give up. I remind myself to never give up, especially when I hit a wall. It won’t get better unless I keep trying-never stop!
my favorite
Of all of the memes I’ve found, this one is, hands down, my favorite. It actually gave me chills the first time I saw it. It states, eloquently and simply, why I love pole. Freedom, expression, beauty, sexy, confident, empowered, strong in body and mind–all of these things describe what pole dancing gives me and what I want to feel. If that weren’t powerful enough, it ends “with the never ending quest to be better than the person that I was yesterday.” Every pole dancer strives to be better each time they get on the pole! It’s so empowering when you make those improvements, when you do become better than you were yesterday. The quest really is never ending, and that’s what keeps us coming back!
When you sign up for pole, it’s never implied that it will be an easy journey. You will have fun, but you will also reach moments where you want to throw your hands up and give up. Don’t. You’re not alone! Every pole dancer struggles, even the pros! Take a deep breath, and use that frustration as fuel to conquer!